Repair Policy

  • In case we determine that it is feasible to repair the product based on the images shared by you. You will have to ship the product to us at your own cost to the address that will be provided through mail. XTS will not be responsible for any damage, delay or loss of the product in transit from the customer’s address to our central warehousing facility.
  • If we determine that the product can not be safely repaired as the structural integrity of the product has been compromised and it is no longer safe to use, we will convey the same to you via email and also strongly advise you not to get the product repaired from anywhere else.
  • Once the product has been delivered to our facility and verified against the images shared by you, we will reassess the feasibility of repair. Based on the physical inspection, if we determine the product is not repairable, we will update you via your email and ship the product back to you.
  • If the product is repairable, we will share the cost estimat with you. This estimate will include the cost of labour, materials and shipping. We will also share an estimate of the number of days it is likely to take to repair the product. The actual repair can begin only after you accept the estimate, make the payment and share the payment acknowledgement with us for the confirmation.